Studio Fun House

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Welcome my friend…

Please let me give you a short introduction to the studio and what we do here.
Studio Fun House was founded in a basement in Queens NY, in late November 1999 and since then we have worked with many of the largest toy companies in the US, and many of what we consider the coolest people on the planet. SFH is proud to show off it's work and show you what is possible. Offering it's clients the fastest possible service and delivery there is, utilizing the internet to speed up approvals with PDF-web proofs and FTP servers, fast connection to deliver finished printable files, cutting down time and delivery where ever you decide to have your material printed. Not to mention, staying on top of the curve, when it comes to software and equipment.

This has enabled SFH to work with many large and small companies all over the U.S., Europe and Asia, without delays or complications.

Just because you want quality work, does not mean you need to sacrifice your left arm get it done. Need a freelance graphic designer for a few days? Freelance Art Director for a couple of weeks? Need to find a studio that can handle the work but stay on budgets?

This is why, offering our clients what they need when they need it, is our goal in life!

Pick up the phone, or send a line with your questions!
We won't let you down…

…that's a promise!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

- Red Adair

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"It can't be stressed enough that in order to produce great graphics, you have to have a good product and a good client capable of making decisions."

- Primo Angeli


Graphic Design

This is what we are all about! We have over 20 years of experience in this field, and take pride in that. We may not be so big, but we sure think big! With emphasis on good service and quick turnarounds we offer you contract work or freelance, on and off-site. You may be looking only for a designer or you may be looking for a seasoned art director - we would qualify for both. Oh… and just so we are clear on one thing… the words "over qualified" is a good thing!

Packaging Design & Production

For over a decade, SFH has created many of the recognizable toy packaging you find on shelfs in toy stores today. Our specialty is not just in the toy market, but it sure helps us create great retail packaging for you. This is because we are constantly on the look for the latest trends and new ways of creating something stunning for our clients!

Design 4 Apparel

There is nothing really that we do not do, when it comes to design. We have over the years designed many things for many different applications, such as screen print designs for t-shirts and other apparel.

Web Graphics & Web Page Design

Yes, we do that too!
We are not marketing ourselves as some high tech web solution company, but simply an alternative solution to create your presence on the World Wide Web... If you are looking for a corporate solution, we can help you find the help you need. We do not pretend to know it all, but what we know, we are really good at!

Stock Photography

This is something we have been at for a while. Our portfolio and images are available at www.iStockphoto.com, as we are exclusive to that site. Click the link above (or the banner below) and see for your self.

Please follow the links by clicking the icons above to reach the part of our portfolio you would like to visit first.
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